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As an employee, lack of empowerment, freedom to excel, restriction on showcasing your hidden skills were my roadblocks in serving my customers and clients. I could not perform and could not showcase my ‘unconditional customer experience’

Being an owner of my new organization, I can feel the freedom, self empowerment and zero restriction to deliver ‘UNCONDTIONAL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE’ to my customers and clients. Now I am leading an organization with a mind to sign a long term trust and not a contract. I am now a partner in business and not a consultant. I am encouraging people to enhance their skill set instead of creating money a roadblock for themselves. I am empowered by God to create an emotional and professional attachment.

It is imperative to guide the clients and customers in right direction to protect their time and money. It is important to allow them to test your products to appreciate the taste of the fruits you have grown.

Founder of a small but a strong organization, I speak with several aspirants who are hunting for right direction, right venue and right fee to learn Data Science and Six Sigma. I ensure to understand their objective and goal before explaining the right program. I also ensure ‘Unconditional Customer Experience’ by providing complete freedom to choose their own program, own payment plan and own decision to quit with 100% refund.

Any client, aspirant or a customer should not regret his decision and sometimes it is not easy to take right decision due to lack of experience. That does not give right to any business or an organization to ignore the wrong decision taken by a human being. We ensure to refund the fee to build a trust and transparency and encourage them to invest at right place.

Management Consultancy, Professional Training, Contact Center Management and Research & Survey are our core services and we prefer moving slow to gain long term trust of our partners.

I deliver what I commit. I do not commit what I cannot deliver at the moment but I do go back to my drawing board to add that requirement to my customer’s VOC.

Anup Kumar


Anup Kumar

(Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Data Scientist)
Customer Success & Business Value Service Expert

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