Anup Kumar

Anup Kumar

(Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Data Scientist)
Customer Success & Business Value Service Expert

Key Skills

Driving high impact projects for Banks, Telecom and ecommerce businesses through Lean, Six Sigma, Data Mining, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Proficient in translating NPS from Reactive to Predictive and Proactive Approach.

Instrumental in Integrating Customer Experience (NPS) Measurement System By Bringing All Touch Points Into A Single Business KPI.

Instrumental in Integrating Customer Experience (NPS) Measurement System By Bringing All Touch Points Into A Single Business KPI.

Optimization of Cost and Resources in BPO/Contact Center Space.

Converting ‘Re-work’ to ‘Pre & Pro’ work is my strength.

Transforming ;Quality Assessors’ to ‘Quality Analytics’ through extensive Customer Experience Training Blended with Statistical Tools.

From Manual To Automated Interactive Reporting & Dashboarding For Different Levels of Management.

A Customer Experience enthusiast with 17 years of experience in Banking, Telecom, Contact Center, Supply Chain, Logistic, ecommerce, Education space.  Transforming business processes from ‘Reactive to Predictive and Proactive mode. Expertise in applying Lean, Six Sigma, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, PDCA, ISO 9001 methodologies and tools Excellent understanding of work culture, customer needs and markets of Africa and India.

Profile Summary

As A Business Analyst Leader

  • Redesigned KPI measurement system by integrating all touch points of a transactions into a single and statistically independent system to measure NPS
  • Built predictive business models to improve NPS, arrest customer churn, improve customer acquisition rate, link NPS with internal call quality assurance measurement system
  • Classified and clustered customers, products & services to increase cross and upselling probability through predictive and proactive business models of Association Rules
  • Converted reactive call evaluation and NPS survey approach to 100% predictive approach using Machine Learning. It reduces effort and resources by more than 50% and yields a result with an accuracy as high as 93%.
  • Built predictive models to arrest employee attrition rate and improve the quality of selection criteria
  • Built call volume forecast models for contact centers using high end time series forecasting techniques. This improves the efficiency of resource planning
  • Built customer specific predictive models to utilize hold time by offering products & services of his need. This also increases the cross and upselling with 85% probability of conversion.
  • Built interactive dashboards for real time stat and prediction
As A Process Reengineer Lead
  • Identified process gaps, measure the existing performance, analyze and validate the causes statistically, optimize the resources to meet different levels of targets.
  • Built a performance score card to allocate optimal resources in contact center environment
  • Reduced operational cost and translate cost center/functions into revenue center/functions
  • Drove high impact Lean and Six Sigma projects to minimize the variation and defects to improve the bottom line
  • Reduced inventory, wait time, average handling time and extended cost to the business

As A Quality Assurance and Training Leader

  • Deployed Quality Assurance function at 15+ existing and new centers across India and Africa
  • Built, trained and deployed and led large teams of QA, Training and Process Re-engineering
  • Developed robust performance measurement system for cross-functions
  • Expert in coordinating and collaborating with stakeholders for driving projects
  • Enabled employees through role specific skill set has been my priority to build sustainable business strategies.


  • Banks
  • Telecom
  • IVR and CRM Platforms
  • Mortgage/Loans
  • Supply Chain & Logistic
  • Material Inventory Cost Optimization

Education, Trainings & Certifications

  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt from Six Sigma Alchemy, Mumbai
  • Post Graduate Program In Business Intelligence & Business Analysis (Data Science) from Great Lakes Institute affiliated to University of Texas at Austin
  • Bachelors in Business Administration
  • Master in Business Administration
  • 3 Year Degree in Hotel & Tourism Management
  • QMS ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Certification from German Cert